268152_2173069647195_80932_nI am a digital media professional with over 7 years of experience in digital media strategy, coaching, training, consulting, web design and development. Skills include knowledge of paid social media marketing, text marketing, email marketing, blogging, web design and web development. To learn more about my professional life, please visit my LinkedIn page.

I have a major interest in travel. Over the last three years I have ventured from Rochester NY to Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Cabo, Cancun, Sacramento, San Francisco (where I lived for a month), Chicago, New York, Miami and Dallas among others.

Other interests of mine include: Interior Design, Nordic and Scandinavian Style. International beach travel, urban architecture, succulents, floor to ceiling book collections, ankle boots, wardrobes of soft yet fitting casual wear, knee length skirts, beds buried in earth toned blankets, 6am sunlight, successfully achieved bed hair, white cabinetry, city landscapes, letterpress posters, wide east facing windows, white wood trim, gracefully tiled showers, stress relief mantras, self-esteem boosters, fabric textures and prints, hand crafted body care, floor grazing curtains, flowery perfumes, over-sized sunglasses, hotel room balconies and gold.

Want to get in touch? I’m always on the Twitter.

Easter Egg